Talks and Presentations

5/13/2022 – John Haldon at the Human Ecodynamics research Center/CUNY Spring 2022 Workshop online: “The Climate Change and History Research Initiative at Princeton: History, palaeosciences and contemporary policy”  

11/20/21 – John Haldon, at the conference Ripensare la crisi: opportunità e percezioni nelle trasformazioni storiche dall’antichità a oggi, Pisa/Italy: “Collapse, resilience and survival.  Why did Byzantium last so long?”

6/3-5/21 – Hugh Elton, John Haldon and James Newhard, at Scale and the Study of Late Antiquity: 14th Biennial Meeting of Shifting Frontiers: “From farm to capital: feeding Constantinople”

3/30/21 - John Haldon: Introductory lecture for the Environmental History Lab, Program in Medieval Studies, Princeton University: “Causation and Correlation in historical-environmental study: problems and perspectives”

3/26-29/21 - CCHRI team members Warren Eastwood, Hugh Elton, John Haldon, Adam Izdebski, Lee Mordechai and Tim Newfield, Jordan Pickett, Neil Roberts and Tina Sessa all gave talks in the conference Nature and the Environment: The 53rd Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Birmingham UK

3/24/21 - John Haldon: Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research, lecture on “Climate, environment and society: notes on correlation and causation”

3/5/21 - Lee Mordechai and Merle Eisenberg: “Pandemics and Catastrophe: The Justinianic Plague and the Origins of the Middle Ages” (in the History Department of the College of Staten Island CUNY Lecture series)

3/5/21 - John Haldon: Seminar presentation, Department of Classics and Religion, University of Calgary, Canada: “St Theodore, Euchaïta and Anatolia, c. 500-1000 CE. 
Landscape, climate and the survival of an empire”

1/28/21 - Lee Mordechai: “Towards more advanced analogies and historical inference in environment-society research: Can we learn from the past?” (in Changing Climate conference, Israel)


Merle Eisenberg and Lee Mordechai's Infectious Historians Podcast (running)

Merle Eisenberg and Lee Mordechai on the American Historical Review Podcast

John Haldon in the BBC Podcast “In Our Time: History. The plague of Justinian"

Talks and Presentations - 2020 and earlier:

5/14/20-6/18/20 - Talk series on historical pandemics: a series of six talks by CCHRI members

3/5/20 - Merle Eisenberg on comparing the coronavirus to the Black Death (CNN)

3/3/20 - John Haldon: Lecture for the Program in Medieval Studies, Princeton University: “Historical change, archaeology and environment: examples from the East Roman/Byzantine world”

2/6/20 - Merle Eisenberg, Lee Mordechai et al. on treating the coronavirus like the Black Death (Washington Post)

12/4/19 - John Haldon: Lecture in the Kollegforschergruppe Migration und Mobilität in Spätantike und Frühmittelalter, University of Tübingen: “St Theodore, Euchaïta and Anatolia, c. 500-1000: Landscape, climate and the survival of an empire”

12/2/19 - Lee Mordechai, Merle Eisenberg, Tim Newfield, Adam Isdebski et al. on the Justinianic Plague (CNN, Science News, USA Today, Haaretz...)

11/15/19 - John Haldon: Lecture in the Kollegforschergruppe Migration und Mobilität in Spätantike und Frühmittelalter, University of Tübingen: “Remarks on history, environment and climate in Byzantine Anatolia: Comments on a complex landscape or, some thoughts on environmental-historical research”

6/24/19 - John Haldon: Keynote lecture, Fifth International Sevgi Gönül Byzantine Studies Symposium, Istanbul, June 2019, Byzantine Anatolia: Space and Communities: “The climate of survival?  Some remarks on environment, climate and society in Byzantine Anatolia, ca. 600-1050”