Spring 2024 Newsletter

Feb. 19, 2024

Recent news and activities

The 5th CCHRI Intensive Introductory Workshop: Palaeosciences and Environmental History for historians and archaeologists

15-24 January 2024: Princeton University

Our annual 8-day entry-level workshop introduced over twenty participants from the fields of history and archaeology to the palaeoecological sciences and their relevance to historical and archaeological research. The schedule offered brief surveys of several key ecological sciences: stable isotope analysis and sedimentary geochemistry; speleothems, ice cores, palynology and dendrochronology; C14 dating, multi- proxy data, and more. Participants were from Princeton and several other universities in the USA as well as from universities and research centers in Germany, Poland, the UK, Turkey and Greece. The course was led by Warren J Eastwood, Chris Bradley (University of Birmingham, UK), Ed Cook (Columbia U), Lee Mordechai (Princeton and Hebrew U Jerusalem) and John Haldon (History, Princeton). The program was organized in collaboration with Princeton’s Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies, the High Meadows Environmental Institute, the Department of History and the Center for Collaborative History. 


Field Practice
Field Practice
Final Presentations

Final Project Presentations

New CCHRI postdoctoral researcher

The CCHRI is glad to announce that our inaugural postdoctoral researcher, Kate Snow, will begin her position in April as a member of the International Advisory Panel on Environmental History and Policy, a joint CCHRI and Max-Planck Institute for Geoanthropology (Jena) initiative established in 2021 that reflects a new CCHRI research project. This is an exciting new initiative, generously funded by the High Meadows Environmental Institute at Princeton and the MPI at Jena and we look forward to welcoming Kate to Princeton!



In December 2023, Kate attended the UNFCCC conference of parties to the Paris Agreement (COP28) in Dubai, UAE as part of Princeton's observer-status delegation. While there she spoke with a number of delegation members from different countries and regions, sharing her own research interests and hearing about their on-the-ground experiences in the climate diplomacy, climate security, and science-policy interface arenas.


MPI-GEA & CCHRI Workshop: Bridging the Gap Between History and Policy-Making: Integrating Historical Knowledge and Complex Human-Environmental Systems Modelling

12-13 December 2023. Max Planck Institute for Geoanthropology, Jena, Germany

This interdisciplinary workshop brought together a diverse group of historians, archaeologists, complex systems modelers, and sustainability experts. The shared objective was to explore research strategies that can generate actionable knowledge to inform policies addressing the escalating climate crisis.


Future Events

The 3rd meeting of the CCHRI-DAI-ANAMED

4-5 March 2024. ANAMED, Istanbul

This March, the third meeting of the CCHRI-DAI-ANAMED project, Socio-ecological approaches to the history and archaeology of Anatolia, will take place in Istanbul to address the topic "Urban-rural relationships, urban centers/mega site and economic spaces."


CCHRI 2024 Colloquium: Resilience and sustainability: past trajectories, contemporary directions, policy relevance

3-5 June 2024. Princeton University

In June the CCHRI will host its annual colloquium at Princeton, addressing questions at the interface between History and Policy, in particular climate and environmental policy, reflecting the fact that the past five years have seen multiple breakthroughs in establishing the past as a key dimension for global change researchers and highlighting the need to bring academic researchers together with nonacademic holders of local and traditional knowledge and practitioners attempting to manage resources for sustainability. The colloquium’s program will be accessible on the CCHRI website soon.

Some recent and forthcoming CCHRI-related publications

The Archaeology of Climate Change
The Archaeology of Climate Change edited by Prof. Dr. Sharon Steadman and Prof. Dr. John Haldon
The Environmental History of Byzantine

A Companion to the Environmental History of Byzantine edited by Adam Izdebski and Johannes Preiser-Kapeller

















We wish you all a productive and prosperous Spring Semester!