Recent Publications from CCHRI

Sept. 23, 2023

Recent CCHRI publications include:

John Haldon and Dominik Fleitmann, ‘A Sixth-Century C.E. Drought in Arabia. New Palaeoclimate Data and Some Historical Implications,’ Journal of Late Antique, Islamic and Byzantine Studies 2023


Adam Izdebski, John Haldon and Piotr Filipkowski, eds., Perspectives on Public Policy in Societal-Environmental Crises: What the Future Needs from History (Springer Nature: Cham 2022) Open access and downloadable at:


Adam Izdebski, John Haldon, Lee Mordechai, Timothy P. Newfield et al., ‘L’émergence d’une histoire environnementale interdisciplinaire. Une approche conjointe de l’Holocène tardif,’ Annales HSS 77/1 (2022) 11-58


Janey E. Kay, Istvan Koncz, Jordan Wilson, Rachel Singer, Timothy P. Newfield, Lee Mordechai, and Merle Eisenberg, ‘Burial Archaeology and the First Plague Pandemic,’ Speculum 100/2 (2025) preprint:


Timothy Newfield, et al., ‘Smallpox’s Antiquity in Doubt,’ Journal of Roman Archaeology 35 (2022), 1-17.


Arlene Rosen et al., ‘Holocene desertification, traditional ecological knowledge, and human resilience in the eastern Gobi Desert, Mongolia,’ The Holocene 12 (2022), 1462-1476.


Amit Tubi, Lee Mordechai et al., ‘Can we learn from the past? Towards better analogies and historical inference in society-environmental change research’, Global Environmental Change 76 (2022), 102570.