2024 Wintersession Course

Jan. 25, 2024

The 5th CCHRI Intensive Introductory Workshop: Palaeosciences and Environmental history for historians and archaeologists took place at Princeton University from 15-25 January 2024.

Our annual 8-day entry-level workshop introduced over twenty participants from the fields of history and archaeology to the palaeoecological sciences and their relevance to historical and archaeological research. The schedule offered brief surveys of several key ecological sciences: stable isotope analysis and sedimentary geochemistry; speleothems, ice cores, palynology and dendrochronology; C14 dating, multi-proxy data, and more. The practical lab session was complemented this year by an afternoon of tree-coring on campus under the supervision of Prof. Ed Cook (Columbia). Participants were from Princeton and several other universities in the USA as well as from universities and research centers in Germany, Poland, the UK, Turkey and Greece. The course was led by Warren J Eastwood, Chris Bradley (University of Birmingham, UK), Ed Cook (Columbia U), Lee Mordechai (Princeton and Hebrew U Jerusalem) and John Haldon (History, Princeton). The program was organized in collaboration with Princeton’s Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies, the High Meadows Environmental Institute, the Department of History and the Center for Collaborative History.